Is There Room On The Cross For You?

You Can't Be A New Creature Without Baptism

He Died To Make Us New

I have come to realize that many people in the world today believe in Baptism, but they do not realize what it actually does for a person.

Galatians 6:14-17

14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

16 And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.

17 From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

In Christ the victory is obtained only by becoming a new creature. Before this can happen a person must crucify the old man.

Galatians 3:27-29

27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Baptized into Christ is to put on Christ. That makes you CHRIST'S, or joins you to the Lord, and makes you one in Christ.

Verse 29 shows us that putting on Christ makes you Christ's. A person gets that through baptism. Just as much as a person has to leave father and mother and be joined unto his wife we must also leave the old man and be joined to Christ.

Galatians 5:24

24 And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

These people had repented of their sins and been baptized into the body of Christ. Those people who are one with Christ, who put on Christ, Joined to Christ, married to Christ “Have crucified the flesh”

That is how we know a person is married to Jesus or not. It is by the way we walk in this world.

Galatians 6:14-15

14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

The world is the old man. A new creature = new creation = new born again. Paul was expressing that this old world was dead to him, and he was dead to the world. What is the world?

1 John 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. These lust Paul had nailed them to the cross of self denial. Nailed them to the spiritual cross of Jesus Christ. You are not alone on that cross my friends, notice Paul said "I am crucified with Christ" Jesus was with him all the way.

Your Not Alone

We know that being baptized puts us in Christ, but it also nails they old man to the cross. Jesus didn't immediately die when they nailed him to the cross. No, he had to suffer a while, but it wasn't to long and he said it was finished. That is the way it is for a person who is crucified with Christ. There may be things that we have to suffer to lay down, but if we stay on that cross after awhile we can say what Jesus said "It is finished" That is how important baptism really is as Peter wrote:

1 Peter 3:21

The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

The book said baptism saves us, and gives us a good conscience toward God. Not just a symbolic gesture from a half hearted Christian. It is the operation God has to change the heart of the human family.

Repent & Baptized For Remission Of Sins

Ephesians 2:3

3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

Were by nature the old man, old creature who was made subject to vanity. (Romans 8)

Remember Jesus died to save us from our sins. Jesus brought something into this world more powerful than the old nature. When Jesus died and resurrected he showed that with faith, and the word of God, and access to his cleansing power a man or woman could receive his DIVINE NATURE.

2 Peter 1:3-4

3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

These promises are the word of God. The promise of the Holy Ghost comes through repentance and water baptism. We use these promises to obtain the divine nature of Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

14 For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:

15 And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. We can see the change where Paul started living for Jesus.

16 Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more. Now we know the Lord after the Spirit. That is our relationship with Jesus. We wasn't here on earth when Jesus walked in a natural body of flesh, bone and blood. That doesn't mean we do not know him though. We know the Lord through the Spirit.

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Baptized into CHRIST to become new.

18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

19 To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. When you hear the gospel and conviction comes over you to repent and follow Jesus you have received the word of reconciliation.

20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. Jesus died a sinners death so we could live in the nature of the son of God. This whole world was dead at one point. He died for all making them all dead. We choose to become alive through living for him. Until the old things are passed away the we have not completely become a new creature. To be alive from the dead is this. Dying out to the old man, and his nature to sin.

Romans 6:3-7

3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?

4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:

6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

7 For he that is dead is freed from sin.

To walk in newness of life is to be alive from the dead because ghost is life. When Jesus died, he gave up the ghost, he gave up his life. New creatures receive newness of life, the Holy Ghost. The very act of obeying his word, which Peter called “promises” is what crucifies the old creature. This is speaking of the old man. The new man is alive only through Christ.

1 Corinthians 6:7-11

7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? The old man is the reason why!

8 Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren. Notice still brethren but not completely died out to sin.

9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? The simple truth is righteousness is what we do, whether it be towards God or towards Sin. Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord

These people were dead then they were washed. That’s through repentance and water baptism, here is the new creature. Sanctified through obeying the truth. Justified through your faith to believe and do what Jesus said. Notice again they had to be WASHED from those old works of sin. Thus giving them a nature to live for the Lord, and the Spirit to guide them. This could not happen with out the Washing of WATER by the Word.

Titus 3:3-6

3 For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another.

4 But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared,

5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

Now we know that’s the old man. It was nothing we did to cause that kindness and love of God to appear. However, it is something you do to be washed. To be changed the bible plainly says saved us by the washing of regeneration. Once we were cleansed that put us in a new Generation. Matt 1:1 – The book of the generation of Jesus Christ. Regeneration is born again, new creature. It took the washing to do this. Acts 8:33 “Who shall declare his generation” This one belongs to him. 1 Peter 2:1-10 – New born is born again, but babies don’t get married or joined. Not naturally nor spiritually. They have to grow, and then we become a part of that CHOSEN GENERATION, because God called us out of darkness. The old man. We were made new through that washing of regeneration.

1 Peter 2:9

But ye are a chosengeneration, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

In closing I would like to say with all assurance obeying God's word and repenting and being baptized by immersion is the plan the Lord laid out for us to follow. That process gives us access to so many blessings of the Lord, and the answer of a good conscience towards God.

God Bless